Sunfly Hits 385

We know several of our customers have been wondering what has happened to the latest Sunfly Hits release, this series has now been moved onto a 6 week cycle instead of the previous once a month – this is due mainly to the quality of tracks that are making it to the charts nowadays, this move should mean that Sunfly will be able to include more tracks that people want to sing.

The good news is that the 6 weeks is almost up and Sunfly Hits volume 385 is now available to pre-order, the discs are due for release next week.

Zoom Pop Chart Picks 2018 Part 1

We have just received the track listing for Zoom Pop Chart Picks 2018 Part 1, this month’s issue comes with a bonus “5 Of A Kind” disc, featuring 4 tracks each from 5 great bands. Due for release in the next 2 to 3 weeks, available to pre-order or why not subscribe now and save money on each new issue. Update 14/3: These discs are now in stock and all pre-orders and subscriptions have gone out in today’s post.

Mr Entertainer Hits – Going Quarterly

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that we haven’t posted any details for a Mr Entertainer Hits disc this month. Mr Entertainer have decided that, due to declining disc sales and ever increasing licensing restrictions, from the beginning of 2018 they will now be producing a quarterly two disc pack instead of a single disc every month. We will post more details as soon as we get them.