More New Releases From The Zoom Legends Range

Zoom Karaoke have announced another 8 new releases in their new Legends range, these are all due for release some time in February:

New releases from Zoom coming soon.

Zoom have announced the track lists for 3 new discs, due to be released in early January:

Update 20-01: These discs are now in stock.

New Zoom All Girl Party Packs

Zoom Have just announced 2 new All Girl Party Packs. Each pack has 2 discs crammed full of great female pop hits – both old and new:

Or buy both together for only £19.95, a great Christmas gift for that karaoke diva in your life! We expect the discs to be with us early October.

New releases from Zoom Entertainments

The following new releases from Zoom Entertainments should be with us on Monday 3rd August and are now available for pre-order:

Update 3/8: These discs are now in stock.