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Apologies to anyone who may have had problems accessing the website over the past 24 hours. We have moved the site to a new, faster server which meant we had to shut it down for a while – the move took a little longer than planned unfortunately but everything is back up and running now.

Zoom A Whole Lotta Soul

We’ve been working with Zoom to bring you a new karaoke pack – A Whole Lotta Soul has a total of 138 classic Motown and Soul tracks on 6 CD+G discs for just £14.95. The 6 discs are also available to purchase separately for £4.95 each. A Whole Lotta Soul is due in to us on February 2nd and the discs are now available to pre-order. Update 1/2: These discs are now in stock, a day earlier than expected. Any pre-orders will ship today.