3 thoughts on “Sunfly Hits 331

  1. Sunfly is always good quality. But Sunfly sends warning letters this time (by k&k New Media.com GmbH / karaokefun Austria) to all karaoke locations and KJ’s in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, thus requesting 3500€ from them for ‘illegal karaoke usage’ without any reason and in the absence of evidence. Even DJ’s, that don’t have karaoke, have got letters. Unfortunately, I already bought this album. The next albums, I will not buy from Sunfly, if there are no apologies.

    • We have received the following statement from Sunfly regarding these letters.

      Illegal usage of Sunfly Karaoke is very rife throughout Europe and we have to tackle it. So we have engaged Karaokefun to contact all KJs and venues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you have purchased Sunfly Karaoke content legitimately then there is no problem.

      There is no extra charge for the amount of times Sunfly content is played and there is no extra charge for the amount of venues that content is played in.

      If a KJ makes EXTRA copies of the content for additional players or ‘rigs’ then they should contact Sunfly for an extended or additional licence.

      Regarding venues: providing venues use a KJ that has bought Sunfly content legitimately then they do not have to pay extra fees to us in addition to the standard live performance fees.

      Our aim in this endeavour is to make a cleaner Karaoke Scene throughout Europe so all legal operators benefit.

      Thanks for your ongoing support.

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